Matir Moyna

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It has become the first Bangla film premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the International Critics Award. In 2001, the main Islamist party in Bangladesh, Jamaat, came to power as a coalition partner, and as part of a campaign against secular politics, Bangla Movie Matir Moina was banned by the government in 2002. The director Masud fought against the ban through a media campaign, while conducting an appeal process before the Censorship Board. This strategy finally proved successful and the film was released in Bangladesh at the end of the year. Masud wove into many elements of the place of religion in society, debates within Islam and the role of popular syncretic traditions of Bengal.The film has been released in many countries around the world.

The story of Matir Moina germinated when Tareque began taking notes for a film with a strong autobiographical reference to Masud’s own childhood. Matir Moina (2002), Set in the context of the turbulent 60’s that led to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan, Matir Moina is a feature autobiographical about a family torn apart by religion and war A child, Anu, is sent to a strict Islamic school (madrassa), by his deeply religious Kazi father.

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