Ghetu Putro Komola

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Ghetuputra Komola is a 2012 Bengali music film written and directed by Humayun Ahmed and produced by Impress Telefilm Limited. The Bangla film is the last film of Humayan Ahmed before his death. The film was selected as the entry of Bangladesh to the Oscar for Best Foreign Film at the 85th Academy Awards, but it was not the final list.

The story takes place 150 years ago during the colonial era in a village called Jalshuka, Habibganj. During that time, a musical group called Ghetugaan was created, where young people dance dressed as women and those dancers were called ‘Ghetu’. Soon they became famous among the people, but the landlords wanted them for their sexual desires and the theory of gay marriage was recognized in society. The Ghetus used to be hired for the flood season. The story is about a teenager hired by a landlord hired to entertain his sexual desires until the annual flooding ends. However, the small child is distinguished from other musicians. He has to personally entertain the owner. The owner’s wife cannot tolerate this new rival because of the landowner’s affection and conspires to kill the young man.

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