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Bodhon is the emotional journey of a woman divided between self-pity and the desire to be a good mother. And the base of this Bangla Movie is established the day he decides to adopt a girl and give her a better life. Soon her daughter begins to show early signs of autism, unleashing an emotional reaction from her mother that unbalances the whole family. Despite her husband’s attempts to reassure her, it is extremely difficult for her to accept the fact that she must be the mother of an autistic child for the rest of her life, and that, too, when that child It is not even. It is his offspring. And, above all, the director has handled the delicate issue of awakening a mother (bodhon) with gloves for children, doing a very good job in the process. The way in which issues such as adoption, autism and congenital diseases have been handled is truly praiseworthy. Not once does the film seem prosaic or melodramatic; The approach is as natural and balanced as possible cinematographically. And in that lies the strength of the film.

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